Uncovering the untold facts about Botox treatment

Facts about botox treatments

Hair Botox Treatment: An Introduction

Hair Botox treatment has become popular recently because people who do not find time to manage their hair opt for this to treat their frizzy and thinning hair and dandruff, dryness and hair fall issues.This blog will uncover the untold facts about Botox treatment to help you make the best decision for your hair.

Hair Botox treatment is a cosmetic procedure involving a protein-rich solution comprising keratin, collagen, amino acids and essential vitamins infused into the hair strands. Altogether, these ingredients in the solution strengthen and repair damaged hair by improving the hair texture and adding the necessary shine.

Hair Botox treatment acts as a filler, temporarily replacing the lost cuticle layers by creating a protective barrier, coating the hair shaft in the above solution and glueing the cuticle layers down. It is a deep conditioning process that restores the hair to its youthful appearance by reducing frizz.

It has become a new, trendy treatment across salons nationwide because of its intense rejuvenation of your hair. It doesn’t involve intervening in your scalp since it focuses entirely on the hair strands. Continue reading the blog to learn about Hair Botox’s benefits.

Untold Facts About Hair Botox Treatment:

There are many misconceptions revolving around Hair Botox treatment and here we are, breaking the myths by bringing to you the untold facts about the treatment.

#Fact 1: It is not the same as the Keratin treatment

The two most popular hair treatments creating a buzz in the haircare industry, Hair Botox and Keratin, are different. Though they provide similar results, they vary in their techniques, components and the primary goals of the treatment. Hair Botox’s main purpose is to repair and revitalise hair; in keratin, it is to straighten the strands.

Hair Botox is a non-chemical treatment that helps with frizzy, dull and damaged hair by deep conditioning, making it softer, shinier and healthier. In contrast, a keratin treatment is a chemical treatment that uses formaldehyde and other compositions to straighten hair, leaving it soft, shiny and smooth.

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#Fact 2: It is not actually Botox

Despite having it in the name, Hair Botox doesn’t contain the same neurotoxin found in traditional Botox treatments. Hair Botox done in salons doesn’t include the botulinum toxin (used in cosmetic treatments such as Botox injections). Only dermatologists and licensed aestheticians can use such injections.

Hair Botox is a non-chemical and formaldehyde-free conditioning treatment that gives a protective barrier to your hair. It can de-age the hair and keeps it healthy and natural. It adds smoothness, shine, softness, and the desired volume to your hair. It has no side effects since it doesn’t use harsh chemicals that wear out your hair.

#Fact 3: It is non-invasive

You can now get sleek hair without injections or needles on your scalp! Yes, with botox treatment in the salon, the treatment comprises deep conditioning of your hair strands, making it a safe and painless process. Hair Botox treatment doesn’t require any surgery or a significant amount of downtime.

#Fact 4: It can be customised

Salons can personalise Hair Botox treatment according to an individual’s hair type and needs. One can tailor the treatment process by using different formulas and ingredients that suit the person’s hair.

For instance, for colour-treated hair, a formula containing UV protectants nourishes the hair from the inside and protects it from the harmful rays outside. For fine hair, using a lightweight and volumising formula makes the hair look fuller and lustrous.

#Fact 5: Its results can last longer

The results of Hair Botox treatment vary depending on several factors, like individual hair type, the formula used and the maintenance routine. However, botox treatment done in Toni&Guy salon lasts longer than at-home treatments you do to prevent and treat frizz, dull and damaged hair.


Also, Hair Botox treatment requires minimal downtime, and you can start doing the usual activities quickly after the session. Hence, it is the best cost-effective option for those who want to improve their hair’s overall appearance and health.

Why Choose Toni&Guy For Your Hair Botox Treatment?

Toni&Guy is a reputable and trustworthy salon to get your Hair Botox or any other hair treatment done. They are well-known for their high-quality services, be it manicure, pedicure, hair styling, facials, hair removal, etc. Here’re a few reasons to choose Toni&Guy for your subsequent Hair Botox treatment.

Expertise & Experience

The skilled stylists of Toni&Guy, trained in Hair Botox treatments, have the knowledge and expertise to assess your hair type, prepare a formula and suggest the treatment.

Personalised treatments

Toni&Guy identifies a person’s hair type and texture and customises the formula and treatment as suitable for them.

High-quality products

Toni&Guy uses only high-end quality products in their hair treatments, and their formulas nourish and revitalise hair.

Lasting results

Toni&Guy’s exclusive and quality Hair Botox treatment can last longer for many months, leaving your hair looking smooth, shiny and healthy.

Styling services

At Toni&Guy, you can get all the services like haircuts, blowouts, and colouring under one roof, making it the most-visit salon.

Who Can Take Hair Botox Treatment?

With consultation from the professional stylist of Toni&Guy, you can give your hair the care it deserves via non-chemical treatments. Hair Botox treatment is suitable for almost all hair types: curly, wavy, straight, and textured hair. Here is the list of people who can take Hair Botox treatment.

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Individuals with damaged hair

Hair Botox treatment works wonders for people with dry, damaged, frizzy and dull hair. It helps repair and rejuvenate hair by giving it the hydration it needs, smoothing the hair cuticles and reducing frizz.

Individuals with fine hair

People with thin and less volume hair can take Hair Botox treatment since it helps plump up, add volume to the hair, and make it look fuller and healthier.

Individuals with curly and wavy hair

Hair Botox can help curly and wavy hair look more defined and less frizz, enhancing the natural curls.

Individuals with colour-treated hair

For people who have undergone chemical hair treatments or colour treatments, Hair Botox can help improve the overall appearance and restore the life caused by damage from using hair dyes or chemicals.

Individuals looking for a hair makeover

Boring hair? Are you looking for a non-chemical option to give a makeover to your hair? No worries, you can add radiant to your hair with Hair Botox treatment.

How To Prepare For Hair Botox Treatment?

To achieve the desired results from Hair Botox treatment, follow these simple steps before the sessions.

Consultation: Ensure you consult with a hair specialist or certified professional stylist of Toni&Guy to discuss your hair concerns, expectations and overall health history before sitting for Hair Botox treatment.

Avoid hair products: Before getting Hair Botox treatment, avoid using many hair products that could lead to build-up on the scalp, like styling products, hair spray, hair serum or hair oil, etc.

Wash your hair: Before getting Hair Botox treatment, shampoo your hair the previous day to wash off the dirt and residue from your hair strands and scalp. It is better not to use any conditioner, leave-in or hair masks.

Stay hydrated: Have you noticed your hair and skin turning dull, itchy and less glowing when you do not drink enough water? Keeping yourself hydrated is significant for a healthy body. Before taking the treatment, keep yourself hydrated and follow a healthy balanced diet, rich in vitamins and minerals.

Avoid hair treatments: Though Hair Botox treatment is suitable for colour-treated, damaged hair, it is better not to colour your hair or go for any chemical hair treatments at least one week before your Hair Botox treatment to get desired results.

How to maintain botox-treated hair?

After getting Hair Botox treatment from salons, it is crucial to maintain your hair for the longevity of the treatment. Here’re the tips suggested by the professional stylist of Toni&Guy to maintain your hair.

Avoid washing your hair for 48 hours after getting a Hair Botox treatment.
Use sulphate-free and mild shampoos to wash your hair and retain its natural oils.
Use a deep-conditioning mask at least once a week to keep your hair hydrated and healthy.
Do not straighten your hair or use any heating tools, as they can undo the benefits of the Hair Botox treatment
Use only a wide-toothed comb for combing, and avoid pulling or tugging your hair.
Apply UV-protectant spray or UV hair serum, or wear a hat to protect your hair from the scorching sun.
Do not use products containing alcohol or harsh chemicals since they dry out your hair.
Go for regular trims to prevent split ends and keep your hair nourished.


Hair Botox treatment is becoming highly popular since it is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment option to revitalise and rejuvenate your hair. In this blog, we revealed the facts about Hair Botox treatment, how it works and what to expect from the treatment. Overall, it provides a range of benefits for individuals planning to enhance their hair’s appearance and health.


1. Is Keratin treatment better or Botox?
Keratin products can gradually damage and weaken your hair, while Hair Botox enriches hair strands and make it look more nourished and fuller. However, both treatments can be done safely on all hair types.

2. How frequently can you get Botox on your hair?
Hair Botox treatment usually lasts two to four months and even more with proper care. But it is better to undergo treatment every three to four months to ensure healthy and smooth hair.

3. Does Botox straighten your hair?
Hair Botox doesn’t completely change the texture of your hair. It smoothens but does not provide you with adequately straightened hair.

4. Can Hair Botox treatment repair your damaged hair?
Hair Botox has healing properties like peptides, proteins, fatty acids and vitamins to seal moisture in your hair and repair damaged hair.

5. Which shampoo to use after getting Hair Botox treatment?
It would help if you opted for pH-balanced, sulphate-free shampoo for your aftercare of Hair Botox treatment.