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How To Find The Best Hair Salon In Chennai

Hair salons are the one that saves us from the hair damages caused by daily life. Visiting a hair salon is no more luxury like it used to be because of the number of salons opening-up.   There are many hair salons in Chennai that are offering hair care services. So, out of the many hair […]

Benefits of Keratin Treatment for Your Hair

Introduction Did you know that ‘frizzy’ is not actually a hair type? There are only straight, wavy and curly hair types. So if you find yourself describing your hair as ‘frizzy’ to someone, that’s your sign to get a keratin treatment. Keratin treatments soften and strengthen your hair and give it a silky and shinier […]

How to take Care of Hair after Hair Colouring

Introduction Hair colouring or hair dyeing is the process of changing your hair colour. We do it for various reasons. Some do it to cover their grey or white hairs. Some do it because it’s fashionable or trendy and some do it just because they feel like doing it. choose one of the best salon […]

7 Tips on How to Choose the Best Hair Salon

Introduction Somewhere deep within, there is the fear of not being able to choose the best hair salon that will treat your hair just like you want. Your hair is one of the most well-taken-care-of parts of your body, and one bad hair day can ruin a person’s entire mood. On the other hand, a […]

All About Keratin Treatment – Untold Facts

Keratin treatment has been one of the innovative hair care treatments in the modern world. Originating from Brazil, professional hair keratin treatment has gained extreme popularity due to its fabulous styling results that were not possible before. Keratin treatment service providers help you to make your hair glossy, smooth, and easy to manage for months […]

Hair Smoothening Treatment: What You Need To Know?

Everybody wants polished, smooth and shiny hair. Who doesn’t? Few innately have well-groomed hair as a part of their genes. Many others don’t have the privilege of inheriting the same. Well, those who don’t have the natural mane, do have an option of dropping at the saloon to do the same.  With the high rate […]

8 Things You Should Ask Before Coloring Your Hair

Who doesn’t love to add some color to life? Coloring your hair is a great decision to feel different about yourself. While many colors their hair for a different look, some just do it to feel different about themselves. Yes, indeed, it is a big decision to color your hair. While many love to do […]

Why Men Should Visit a Hair Salon: Beauty Is Genderless

With all things fresh this year, self-care and self-love is something that is on the hook. While self-care has many forms, grooming is what we look out for as soon as we think about self-care.  Given the obvious notion of grooming, most would associate grooming with something that women carry out. Well, who said grooming […]

15 Reasons Why People Love Airbrush Makeup

Make-up is something that every third woman in the crowd prefers these days. It is an individual’s choice to either go for it or not. Most women feel confident when they make-up putting on bright colours. There are a variety of make-up methods available. Airbrush make-up is one of them. While traditional make-up required dabbing […]