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What Hair Colour Service Do I Choose?

There are many hair coloring services available. You can choose from permanent coloring, to semi-coloring to highlights depending on your choice.

Can you buy hair dye from a salon?

Salons generally source hair dyes and other essentials from a good quality and brand, While some of their products like shampoos or conditioners are available for sale, many  salons don’t prefer selling hair dye. One of the reasons being it has to be done by a professional for a better and beautiful look.

How much should a cut and color cost?

A hair cut costs reasonably depending on the style you choose. However, hair coloring is a time consuming process and requires using higher-end brands for better results. And so, hair coloring costs more than a haircut.

Should I dye or highlight my hair?

Dyeing mostly is referred to as the process where you color a bigger part of your hair be it in the ends or one one side or even the entire hair. On the other hand, highlighting means adding color or bleaching just a few strands of hair.

How much does it cost to color correct hair?

Color correcting is done when your color fades or if you are not satisfied with a particular shade. Correction can be done by either darkening or lightening the color tone to achieve the desired shade. The cost however depends on the intensity of the correction.

how to color hair professionally?

The best way to color your hair professionally is by reaching out to a hairdresser. It is better to get it done from them as they use professional products and right techniques so there’s no hassle.

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