Difference Between Hair Wax and Hair Gel

Difference between hairwax and hairgel

For men, it is all about styling their hair. But what if the hair doesn’t cooperate while styling? Imagine you are getting ready for an event, and your hair keeps drooping on your forehead. Will it look suitable for your attire? No, right? So what’s the solution? You can use hair gel or wax to achieve the desired results.

In this blog, we will learn about hair wax and hair gel, their differences, when and how to use them and their benefits. Read till the end to find it out.

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Why styling your hair is essential?

hairwax and hairgel

Styling hair for men is crucial because,

  • It creates a positive first impression in various social and professional settings.
  • It gives the opportunity to express one’s personality, creativity, and individuality. 
  • It gives a polished and neat appearance.
  • It boosts one’s self-esteem and overall mental well-being. 
  • It makes you socially desirable.
  • It helps in properly caring for your hair health.
  • It makes men feel more contemporary and fashion-forward.

At Toni&Guy, the stylists use hair wax and gel for their customers. To know which suits you the best, read further. 

What is hair wax, and when do you use it?

hairwax and hairgel

Hair wax is a semi-solid styling product with a thick, sticky texture. It holds hair in place and gives a low-shine finish. It is made from different ingredients, such as beeswax, natural oils, and other polymers.

Here’re some situations when men use hair wax. 

  • To shape and define hairstyles, like spikes, faux hawks, and textured quiffs.
  • To add texture and volume, making it appear thicker and more voluminous. 
  • To tame the unruly and frizzy hair and make it look polished and controlled.
  • To create a messy or tousled look.
  • To get a subtle hold that looks less rigid.
  • To restyle your hair throughout the day.
  • To maintain your short to medium hair lengths. 

What is hair gel, and when do you use it?

Hair gel is a gel-like styling product with a thicker consistency than hair wax. It is made from various polymers and is water-based. 

Here’re some situations when men use hair gel.

  • Keep your hair in place throughout the day with a firm and strong hold.
  • To create slicked-back looks, where the hair is combed backwards.
  • To give a wet and shiny appearance to the hair. 
  • To create spikes and edgy hairstyles that need a firm hold.
  • To tame frizzy hair and give a neat and sleek look
  • To create quick and easy hairstyles.
  • To maintain your short to medium hair lengths.

Key differences between hair wax and hair gel:

The senior stylists of Toni&Guy list the key differences between hair wax and gel. 

FeatureHair WaxHair Gel
CompositionHair wax is made of natural waxes like beeswax, carnauba wax, or candelilla wax. Hair gel is water-based and includes polymers in its composition, giving a gel-like consistency. 
TextureHair wax has a sticky and tacky texture, giving a pliable and marginally rough feel.Hair gel has a more fluid and smoother texture, making it easier to spread through the hair.
Hold StrengthHair wax gives a flexible hold and a natural look. Hair gel gives a firmer hold, keeping the hair in a desired style throughout the day.
ShineHair wax gives a more natural appearance. It is because it provides a low to matte finish. Hair gel gives a glossy appearance to your hair.
RestylingYou can restyle your hair without reapplying the hair wax. You should reapply hair gel if you want to restyle your hair in a day. 
Suitable Hair TypesHair wax is suitable for all hair types since it adds texture and helps control frizz. Hair gel is most suitable for all hair types that require a stronger hold. 
WashabilityHair wax is challenging to remove and requires multiple washes. Since hair gel is water-based, it is easy to wash with regular shampooing. 
ApplicationHair wax is applied when the hair is dry since its thicker texture works easier when the hair is dry.Hair gel is applied when the hair is damp since that’s when it gives a more defined and structured hairstyle. 
Natural AppearanceHair wax provides a more natural and textured look to the hair. Hair gel provides a polished and shinier look to the hair, making it look styled and obvious by adding more definition. 
VersatilityHair wax is highly versatile because you can restyle your hair without reapplying, giving you structured and defined hairstyles. 
It is suitable for all hairstyles.
Hair gel is less versatile since it doesn’t give you a natural look and requires to be reapplied to style your hair differently.
It is suitable mainly for specific looks, like slicked-back, spiky, curly and wet hairstyles.

Benefits of using hair wax

Here’re the advantages of hair wax and why men should use it. 

Versatile Styling: You can make a variety of hairstyles with hair wax, which is suitable for most hair types, unlike gel or mousse.
Natural Finish: With hair wax, you can achieve a more natural appearance without any greasy or overly styled look. It doesn’t make your hair look stiff. 
Flexible hold: When you use hair wax to style your hair, you can restyle it without reapplying it because it gives flexible hold, permitting easy restyling. 
Less damage: It doesn’t damage hair and breakage since it doesn’t contains alcohol. 
Adds texture: It makes hair look thicker and fuller, making it suitable for thin and fine hair.

Benefits of using hair gel

hairwax and hairgel

Here’re the advantages of hair gel and why men should use it. 

  • Wet look: It gives you a glossy finish, suitable for specific occasions.
  • Quick drying: It doesn’t require extensive blow-drying since it gets dried quickly. You can set your hairstyle faster with hair gel.
  • Long-lasting: When you style with hair gel, it stays intact for a long time and doesn’t require frequent touch-ups. 
  • Tame frizz: Hair gels are the best way to tame your unruly hair. Make your hair wet and apply some on the frizzy hair, and you are good to go!
  • Strong hold: Hair gels give a firmer hold to your hairstyle and make it look well-defined and structured. 

Why choose Toni&Guy for hairstyling?

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The stylists will make you feel at home and use high-quality products, giving you a luxurious and relaxing experience. Toni&Guy is the best option if you want to create a perfect look for you. In Chennai, the branches are at Anna Nagar, T Nagar, Kilpauk, Chamiers Road, and Express Avenue. Book your appointment now!


We understand that hair wax and hair gel serve distinct purposes and bestow unique benefits. Choosing one between the two is based entirely on an individual’s preferences and hair type. Experiment with both of them and determine which one works best for your hair needs and preferred style.


1). Which is better, wax or gel for hair?

Hair wax is better for textured and messy looks, while hair gel suits sleek and sculpted styles. The former gives a natural matte finish and flexible hold, while the latter provides a shiny finish and firm hold. The choice between hair wax and gel depends on the hairstyle and individual preferences. 

2). Can I use hair wax daily?

You can use hair wax daily but should look for product build-up. Add a small quantity of hair wax to your hair to avoid excessive residue or damage to the strands. To be on the safe side, wash your hair throughout every time you use hair wax to extract the leftover wax and maintain healthy hair. 

3). Does gel or wax damage hair?

Anything, when used excessively, can cause damage. Regarding hairstyling products, hair gel and wax are generally safe when used in minimal quantities and occasionally. Using them frequently and applying large amounts on the hair strands can cause dryness, brittleness and potential damage. 

4). Which type of hair wax is best?

You should choose the hair wax based on your hair type and styling preferences. If you have fine or thin hair, go for a light-weighted, water-based hair wax. Opt for oil-based hair wax if you have a thick and coarse hair type. 

5). How can I stand my hair without gel and wax?

You can use a mousse or sea salt spray instead of a gel or wax to style your hair and make it look voluminous. Also, you can use a blow dryer to create volume instead of using any heavy styling products.