7 ways to change your hairstyle for men   

Introduction We must accept that most guys do not take adequate care of their hair. For many, it is simply something that exists, and we do not give it any thought. But what if you knew a few simple methods to change up your hairstyle? We have  got you covered if you are looking for […]

Benefits of doing Hair Smoothening

Introduction There are several advantages to smoothening your hair, which include smoothening your hair can help you achieve a smooth, manageable look by reducing frizz. Smoothening your hair can also assist in preventing it from heat damage by sealing in moisture and creating a barrier against harsh temperatures. Smoothening your hair on a regular basis […]

10 Best Hair Cuts For Curly Hair

Embrace your curls like never before! Maintaining your hair is not an easy task, and maintaining your curly hair can be the most tiring and frustrating job. For the curly tribe, it might be challenging because there are so many factors to consider when getting a haircut: Will it fit your face shape? Does it […]

7 Tips On How To Shape A Beard That Suits Your Face Type

Introduction While the trend of owning a beard has been on and off throughout the years, men have always associated beards with masculinity and respect. And since beards are already a universal feature of men’s facial features, the focus is more on “how” rather than “if” you should grow one. Just like how not all […]

8 Basic Hair Care Routine Steps To Follow

Introduction Amidst all the hustle and bustle of our everyday life, we often forget to take out some time and pamper ourselves. And by pampering, we don’t necessarily mean an expensive spa day or a salon appointment to get your nails done. Self-care can be as simple and relaxing as a basic hair care and […]

Ways to Take Care of Damaged Bleached Hair

Introduction You bleached your hair, and it is now damaged?  What are you going to do? It goes without saying that bleaching your hair can be harmful. Taking care of bleached hair is really important. But it doesn’t mean you have to relinquish your bleached hair fantasies! There are methods for caring for bleached hair […]

9 Ways to grow a beard naturally

Introduction For a number of reasons, maintaining a regular beard maintenance practise is important. Regular washing and conditioning help to remove dirt and accumulation, keeping your beard clean and healthy, which improves the appearance of your hair.  It will stay longer and look its best if you take care of your beard and use the […]

5 Tips To Maintain Your Beard

Introduction Whether you’re in the process of growing your facial hair or already have a fully-grown beard, beard care is an important part of personal grooming. It’s your responsibility to keep your beard looking neat, healthy, and sharp. Once you are familiar with beard styling, the next thing you need to learn is to maintain […]

Benefits of Keratin Treatment for Your Hair

Introduction Did you know that ‘frizzy’ is not actually a hair type? There are only straight, wavy and curly hair types. So if you find yourself describing your hair as ‘frizzy’ to someone, that’s your sign to get a keratin treatment. Keratin treatments soften and strengthen your hair and give it a silky and shinier […]

How to take Care of Hair after Hair Colouring

Introduction Hair colouring or hair dyeing is the process of changing your hair colour. We do it for various reasons. Some do it to cover their grey or white hairs. Some do it because it’s fashionable or trendy and some do it just because they feel like doing it. choose one of the best salon […]