10 Best Hair Cuts For Curly Hair

Best haircuts for curly hair

Embrace your curls like never before!

Maintaining your hair is not an easy task, and maintaining your curly hair can be the most tiring and frustrating job. For the curly tribe, it might be challenging because there are so many factors to consider when getting a haircut: Will it fit your face shape? Does it go with your curl pattern? Should you get bangs or not? And finally, there’s also the problem of maintenance.

But you can argue all you want, curly hair is never boring or unnatural or rare. Though we have been made to believe that straightening your locks is a better option, many curly-haired girls and salon professionals are starting to adore their natural locks without changing the hair texture. 

The only thing is, taming your curls is not as easy as your straight or wavy counterparts. However, if you get the right haircut, you don’t have to worry about bad hair days. As long as you are willing to experiment, you can do so much more with your curls than you ever imagined!

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7 Best Haircuts for Curly Hair

1. An edgy bob cut

A shoulder-length bob cut is a striking look that plays with the natural texture of your hair. You can pull off this look if you have highly curly and kinky hair. The hair can be styled to envelop the forehead partially and is trimmed just above the shoulder. It works especially well for round-faced folks who want to give the illusion of angles in their facial structure.

2. Free-flowing long and loose layers

If you’re someone who loves long tresses and don’t want to cut them short, this one’s for you! Try getting this stunning long-layered haircut where the layers are concentrated at the length of your hair past your shoulders. The long, sweeping layers that are trimmed into long, curly hair make it look even more beautiful.

With this cut, you can just wash your hair and leave them be for the perfect messy and layered look. 

3. Art deco waves from the 1920s

If you’re familiar with the current fashion trends, you would know that a lot of styles from decades ago are making their way back. Similarly, this haircut can look great on type 2C natural curls. This haircut adds side volume and makes fine hair appear thicker. To maintain the style, keep the ends of your curls blunt and give the cut a very slight horizontal gradient.


You can also modernise this look with feathery and voluminous curls for a more laid-back look. 

4. Stacked curls for an uber-chic look

Stacked curls can look voluminous and great for long and curly hair. The hair is cut with graduated layers to give the appearance of full, thick, and voluminous hair. It allows for more movement and looks sleek and cheek when cut at the ideal angles. Make sure you use a considerable amount of serum to make your curls look soft and stacked.

5. Shaggy and messy layers in beach waves

If your curls are less curlier but more wavy, shaggy beach waves can be the ideal haircut for your long and wavy locks. Since wavy hair generally comes with a little mess and frizz, this haircut takes the best advantage of it.  You can use a razor to get this piecey, shaggy look, which is fuller in the roots and wispier at the ends.

To accentuate the layers, you can also go for texturized curly bangs. 

6. Short curls with a side undercut

Though undercut or shaved side-cut hairstyles are more common for men, curly-haired women can slay an undercut style if maintained well. You can shave one side of your hair and cut the other side short in a pixie style. Since short curls appear more feminine and soft, this bold and edgy look can look great if you prefer short curls.

Adding a temple shave cut to this look contributes to the impact and makes you stand out from the crowd!

7. Uneven layers on tight coils

A layered cut is fantastic for curls since there are so many different ways in which you can experiment with it. For this wild and carefree hairstyle, you may choose to opt for recklessly cut uneven layers on your tightly coiled curls and leave your length long and loose. 

This haircut is easier and takes little effort to maintain too. Make sure you keep your coils together by applying a few drops of serum for the bounce and lustre. 

Tips to Maintain Curly Hair

Getting a haircut is not the hard part. Maintaining your curls and your cut is the real challenge! Here are some tips on how to make your haircut look great even after a week of getting it done.

  • The first tip: stop shampooing your hair often. Since curly hair tends to get dry quicker, shampooing your hair frequently will only increase the dryness. It’s enough if you shampoo your hair only once a week.
  • Shampoo less. Condition more. Check your conditioner for moisturizing components. Conditioning ensures that the cuticle of your hair is sealed and shielded from environmental damage and other elements that could harm your hair.
  • Take a break from the blow dryer. Let your hair air dry whenever possible, allowing the products to settle in and preventing frizz after drying. Frequently using a blow dryer can change the texture of your hair and deprive your curls of their lustre.
  • Yes, we’ve been taught to brush our hair for a neat appearance. But for curly-haired girls, it’s time to unlearn this. Never brush your hair when wet or even after. It’s best to style your hair with your fingers. You can use a wide-toothed comb to detangle before shampooing. 
  • Hot water showers remove the natural oil from your scalp and hair. Moreover, it can cause the cuticle to expand, making the hair more fragile and prone to breakage. Cold water rinses are the best when shampooing or conditioning your hair.

Curly or not, we got you covered!

Every hair type has different care routines, styles, and hair textures. To get the best haircut that suits your hair, you need to get help from professionals who can help you best. With a team of experienced hair care professionals who learnt their expert skills all the way from London, Toni&Guy offers you the finest experience in our elegant and modern salons that offer you the perfect place to relax and unwind.

Whatever stage your hair is in, our haircare experts will assess your needs and provide you with the latest suggestions and recommendations on what kind of hairstyles would complement your face shape and look.


Finding a shape or length that matches your personal style is the first step; the next is choosing a curly hair stylist who can modify that look to fit your individual hair type. And once you have done both of these, consider your curls taken care of! You can now carry your gorgeous locks with confidence and grace, nailing your #goodhairday pics on the ‘gram!

If you’re looking to get a haircut for your curly hair, you know where to go!  Book an appointment or visit your nearest Toni&Guy outlet for some amazing results.


1. Are layers good for curly hair?

Yes, definitely. Layers are a great way to define curly and wavy hair. Layered curly hair makes it possible for your curls to move and keep their bounce. Your hair will get more definition, texture, and shape by adding layers to naturally curly hair.

2. Is there a special cut for curly hair?

A technique called the Deva Cut was created especially for curly hair.  It is a cutting technique that is used on dry, curly hair. The hair is never texturized or thinned since slicing into the interior can induce frizz.

3. Which cut is best for frizzy, curly hair?

A wavy bob cut is perfect for frizzy and curly hair as it defines the curls better, by taking advantage of the frizz in a good way. Ask for a deconstructed bob with loose layers for the best look!

4. What is a ghost haircut?

It’s a technique that creates the appearance of a one-length haircut while also adding movement and texture to your hair. A ghost haircut works for all hair types, so they look good regardless of curly, straight or wavy hair. 

5. Does curly hair look better short or long?

In order to avoid looking bottom-heavy or boxy, curly hair looks best when it is shoulder-length or longer with a few layers.