Benefits of doing Hair Smoothening

benefits of doing hairsmoothening


There are several advantages to smoothening your hair, which include smoothening your hair can help you achieve a smooth, manageable look by reducing frizz. Smoothening your hair can also assist in preventing it from heat damage by sealing in moisture and creating a barrier against harsh temperatures.

Smoothening your hair on a regular basis can help encourage healthy hair development by stimulating the scalp and increasing blood circulation. It can help to restore moisture and leave your tresses looking and feeling better if you have dry, brittle, or damaged hair. Smoothening your hair is also an excellent technique to add shine and gloss to it, giving it a healthy and glossy appearance.

Process of hair smoothening

Hair is washed, conditioned, and blow dried before applying a lotion to the hair. The cream is designed to break down the connections in your hair so that it may be altered to get the desired result. After 30-45 minutes, the cream is rinsed off and the hair is flat-ironed using a ceramic hair straightener.

To solidify the result, a neutralizer cream is applied and wiped off in 25-30 minutes. The hair is then cleaned and blow dried. Tying up or tucking your hair in any way is strictly ruled out for at least two days, following which you must get your hair cleaned at a salon. The two most popular methods, which are the Brazilian blowout or keratin treatment and Japanese hair smoothening, have been explained below.

  • Chemical solutions like methyl glycol or formalin are used in the Brazilian blowout, also known as the Keratin treatment. The hot flat iron is used on the strands, and formaldehyde fumes are released into the air. It smoothes and shines the strands by flattening the layer and reducing damage or dryness.
  • In Japanese hair smoothening, the strands are straightened by covering them with thioglycolate, a glycolic acid derivative. The professional in hair care subsequently adds another layer of chemicals to seal in the freshly created bonds. It takes a while to permanently straighten the current strands.

Did you know: A single hair strand is between.016 and.05 mm thick.

Hair smoothening Benefits

Hair smoothening is a hair straightening procedure that has been around for a while. It is a semi-permanent procedure in which chemicals are used to break down the natural links in your hair, resulting in smooth and straight locks. While there are some disadvantages to hair smoothening, there are also numerous advantages to this popular hair treatment.

This article will go through the top five benefits of hair smoothing. Read on to find out why this treatment is so popular among women all around the world, from saving time to decreasing frizz.

1. Smoothed hair becomes less difficult to style and manage

Styling your hair will be a lot easier after it has been smoothed. With no effort, you’ll be able to produce sleek, straight styles and this is one of the hair smoothening benefits. Furthermore, your hair will be more manageable in general. Smoothening might help you regain control if you frequently struggle to tame frizzy or unruly curls.

2. Smoothening can aid in the restoration of damaged hair

Smoothening can help heal some of the damage caused by heat styling or colouring treatments on your hair. Smoothening products contain chemicals that can temporarily seal broken ends and smooth down the cuticle (the outer layer of the hair shaft), reducing the appearance of damage.

3. Your hair will appear healthy and shiny

When your hair is smooth and frizz-free, it appears healthier and shinier than before. This is one of the hair smoothening benefits.

Did you know: A permanently smoothened hair will last 10-11 months, or even a year, with good maintenance.

4. How to maintain the smoothened hair

Maintaining a smoothened hair acts as an advantage in order to avoid damage to the hair shaft. A few things must be done to keep the hair in good condition.

  • The first step is to refrain from applying any type of heat on the hair. Flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers fall within this category. Heat can damage the hair shaft, making it more difficult to manage. If you must use heat, use a heat protectant spray or cream to the hair before using it.
  • It is crucial to prevent over-washing the hair. Excessive shampooing can deplete the natural oils from the scalp, resulting in dryness and frizziness. Rather, wash every other or third day, depending on your needs.To keep your hair soft, use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner when washing it.
  • It is critical to maintain the hair hydrated in between washes by applying a leave-in conditioner or serum. Apply these products from the mid-part to the ends of your hair, avoiding the roots, if your scalp is greasy. These products will help you keep your hair looking fresh and smooth in between washes.
  • Finally, get regular cuts every 6-8 weeks because split ends can destroy even the 

best-looking hair.


Get your hair smoothened and have a flawless look

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Did you know: The thickness and length of hair are determined by the size of a hair follicle.


Hair smoothening can be a great way to achieve sleek, shiny hair that is easier to manage. If you are considering hair smoothening, the aftercare is the most important part. Once you follow the instructions after the smoothening process, it will be easy for you to maintain. This article would have aided you to understand the benefits of hair smoothening.


1. What is the process of hair smoothening?

Smoothening your hair is a straightforward technique. First, your hairdresser will use a clarifying shampoo to eliminate any dirt or build-up from your hair. They will then smooth a smoothening serum or lotion through your damp hair. They will use a flat iron to straighten your hair once the substance has been evenly dispersed. Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, the complete procedure takes a few hours.

2. How to care for smoothened hair?

It is important to make sure no water gets into your hair for three days following the treatment and avoid using strong shampoos and straightening irons.

For three days, avoid using hair bands and headbands, as well as using a hairbrush and a broad toothed comb. Use a leave-in conditioner to keep your hair from breaking and drying out.

3. Is it fine to tie the hair after smoothening?

No, it is not recommended to use hair bands or headbands to bind your hair for at least three days since the structure of your hair may alter.

4. How to get smooth hair without entanglements?

Use an anti-frizz spray to nourish dry hair and keep it from becoming entangled.