15 Fresh Undercut Ideas for Men to Try This Season

Fresh undercut ideas for men

Considering Undercut

Who doesn’t love a fresh look every season? An undercut is a versatile style of haircut that makes a man stand out of the crowd. It involves shaving at the back of the head, leaving the top hair longer and styled differently. The undercut style includes many variations, such as the double layer, the fade, the disconnected, and so on.

Whether you have curly hair or silky hair, there is definitely an undercut style that suits your personality. In this article, let’s consider 15 different undercut ideas for men to try this season, from classic to modern, from subtle to bold. Read on and get inspired.

15 Undercuts to Try This Summer

Undercuts suit your personality and appearance by highlighting your facial structure and hiding the thinning of your hair. They feature sharp edges, trimmed hair and deep partitions that give you a manly appearance.

Slick Back Undercut

Do you look elegant and bold with back brush hairstyles? Then slick back undercut is for you. This popular hairstyle trims hair on both sides of your head, and the hair on the top stays longer in style. Then the hair is brushed backwards to give a prominent look.

You can trim your beards and moustaches to look manly, giving you the bright, bold look you need.

Brush-Up Undercut

Looking bold is the main attribute of a brush-up undercut.
As a typical undercut, this style is dressed by trimming the sides and the back while the top hair remains long, evenly cut and brushed up. You can use a strong gel to hold your hair upward and hide the thinness of your hair.

Side-Swept Undercut

If you like to part your hair on one side, the side-swept undercut can give you a distinctive and edgy look. This side-swept undercut is a stylish and modern hairstyle that stands out.

In this undercut, the hair on one side is much longer than on the other side. The shorter side is shaved or faded, while the longer side is swept over to create contrast.

Disconnected Undercut

For those who look for a bold look, a disconnected undercut can be a choice. This haircut gives you a high contrast between the trimmed sides and the top hair.

As the name suggests, the top hair and the sides are entirely disconnected, with a sharp transition between the areas as the sides are thoroughly shaved. This gives the top hair look more emphasised.

Messy Undercut

This undercut is especially noticeable when you have curly and wavy hair. Again with this cut, the sides are visibly trimmed but not completely shaved, and the top hair is left longer, trimmed evenly and left without brushing to create a sexy and relaxed look.

Maintenance is a bit difficult with the curly hair and messy undercut, but it can be worth your effort.

Temple Fade Undercut

The sharp, edgy professional look of the temple fade undercut makes it stand out among celebrities. This haircut showcases the texture of your hair and style, keeping the sides neat and clean.

In temple fade undercut, the low fade starts at the temples and blends into your hair on the top. You can also customise the look with the level of fade and line or shape up to define the hairline.

Man Bun Undercut

When you desire to show the world, ‘Your Style, your choice’, a man bun undercut is the best possible way. It is a combination of a man bun and an undercut. It is achieved by tying your long or medium-length hair into a bun, usually near or on the back of your head.

Man bun undercut keeps your hair out of your face and neck, making it more comfortable, showcasing your hair texture and length and creating an edgy contrast look.

Subtle Undercut

When you don’t prefer visible undercuts, the subtle undercut is designed just to fit your preference. This undercut gives a subtle look with a barely noticeable transition between the sides and the top hair.

The subtle undercut is achieved by cutting a small section of hair near the temple, behind the ear or at the nape of the neck. It adds edge and personality to your look without the typical dramatic, bold look of undercuts.

Pompadour Layered Undercut

If you are a fan of a sophisticated look, you will like the pompadour layered undercut. This style features a layered pomp cut that creates a clean, neat and sharp appearance. The hair on top is long and layered, the hair on the sides is short, and the top hair is combed back to get a sophisticated look.

Viking Undercut

This is a fierce-looking haircut for Game of Thrones fans. This fierce style combines a lengthy hairstyle with an undercut and a brave beard to get an authentic look. It can suit different face shapes and hair types.

Reverse Mullet Undercut

While the mullet was once famous, this classic style has found its way into the modern era with the combination of the undercut. As the name goes, it is precise: a mullet, reverse hair and undercut. This style features a long, side-swept front covering part of the face, while the back is cropped or shaved off.

Caesar Undercut

This style features a Caesar cut on top and an undercut on the sides and back. A Caesar cut is a short haircut with bangs that are swept forward to cover part of the forehead. For a modern and effortless style, you can style a Caesar undercut with a taper fade or a textured or messy look.

Hidden Undercut

Hidden Undercut is for men with long hair. This style involves shaving the hair around the back and sides under the lengthy hair at the top. The top hair covers the sides and back, hiding the undercut, thus the name.

Hard Part Undercut

Try the classic hard part undercut if you want to add some contrast and definition to your hairstyle. This haircut involves shaving a clean line on one side of your head, creating a visible distinction between the long hair on the top and the short hair on the sides and back.

Try experimenting with different hairstyles on the top hair, like a comb over, a quiff or a spiky style to look fresh every day.

Shaved Undercut

Shaved undercuts are a great way to spice up your hairstyle and express yourself. This haircut involves shortening a part of your hair, usually on the sides or the back of your head, while leaving the rest of your hair longer. You can show off your shaved undercut by pulling up your hair or keep it hidden under your long hair for a more subtle look. You can add colour, pattern, or design to your shaved undercut to make it more unique and creative.

Styling Tips for Your Undercut

With every style, maintenance remains a wonder to most of us. Here are some tips to help you keep your undercut looking fresh and fabulous.
It would be best to trim your undercut regularly to prevent it from growing out too long and losing shape. You can book a trim with your stylist every three to five weeks or do it at home with a clipper and a comb.
Second, you must use some styling products to control and enhance your undercut. Depending on your hair type and length, you can use a pomade, a gel, a paste, or a wax to add some hold, texture, or shine to your undercut.
You can also experiment with different ways to style your long hair on top of your undercut. You can wear it down for a more subtle look or pull it up for a more dramatic look. You can also try different hairstyles, such as braids, buns, ponytails, or curls.
Finally, you must have fun with your hairstyle and express your personality. You can add some colour, pattern, or design to your undercut to make it more unique and creative. You can also change up your undercut depending on the occasion or mood.

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Parting Thoughts
So, which of these undercuts are you planning to try?
Remember, there is always an undercut style for every personality and preference. For expert advice, do remember we, Toni&Guy are here to help. Whether you go for the subtle undercut or the bold Viking undercut, we will ensure you rock it confidently.

As the famous comedian Jerry Seinfeld once said, “To me, if life boils down to one thing, it’s movement. To live is to keep moving.” So, keep moving, keep changing, and keep trying a variety of things with your hairstyle. And who knows, maybe your stylish undercut will be the start of a whole new you!


1. How long does an undercut last?
It is recommended to trim your hair every two weeks. Two weeks is when the hair grows, and the style isn’t easily distinguishable.

2. Does an undercut make you look thinner?

A typical undercut definitely makes your face look thinner. If you prefer not, try a subtle undercut.

3. Does undercut suit all?
No matter what your face shape or the type of your hair, every hair type and face shape has an undercut style to match.

4. Is an undercut good for straight hair?
Side-swept and slick black undercut are just the perfect undercut for men to look bold and classy.

5. Will an undercut grow back?
If your undercut is subtle and your hair is short, it will take a few months to grow back. On the other hand, if your hair is too long, it may take years to grow back.