15 Short Haircut & Hairstyles for Women

Every woman is at war with their hair. Hair is a permanent crown, and every woman knows about the sense of pride that comes with their hair. Think about a Disney princess known for her hair? Well, I know you would’ve guessed Rapunzel.

But who said, women need to have long hair to make a mark. Let’s talk about the hairstyles just like the ones that the princess Ariel had. Shall we? 

Here Are The Top 15 Short Haircuts for Women

15. Definitive straight bob 

This is the most classic-styled hair cut of all the times. It’s a blunt hair cut that is cut short with straight lines at the end. This is by far the most convenient and popular hairstyle that most women and children have. This hairstyle would suit any hair texture and face type and give a classic look. 

definitive straight bob haircut

Definitive straight bob haircut,a sleek and perfect timeless hairstyle that exudes confidence and sophistication.

14. Monica Geller pixie cut 

monica geller pixie cut

The most popular 90’s haircut was the pixie cut worn by Monica Geller.

Well, Monica Geller pixies cut is the most popular hairstyle that did take a walk around the hairstylist’s suggestions in the ’90s. What was supposed to be a haircut like Demi Moore turns out to be a haircut like Dudley Moore. Nevertheless, it was a flaunting and very comfortable hairstyle that most women preferred to style themselves with. 

13. Topknot


The topknot hairstyle is a popular and versatile updo for any occasion.

This is yet another trendy hairstyle where few strands of hair are tied up in a knot, and the rest are let loose. This hairstyle can also be done by tying the hair up in two knots with each of them on the sides. 


12. High bun

high bun hairstyle

The high bun hairstyle is a timeless and sophisticated updo for any occasion and suits all age-people.

Never underestimate the power of a woman with her hair up in a high bun. Tossing the hair up in a bun is by far the most comfortable short hairstyle that is to ever exist. A high bun hairstyle is super chic and goes along with any hair type and any apparel costume.

11. Diana cut

diana haircut

Lady Diana Spencer wore a short hairdo. This hairstyle was well known and have an hype even now.

The princess herself had very casual short hair and symbolizing the epitome of grace and warmth. Lady Diana Spencer had a short haircut right when she was put in front of the public eye when she was 19 years old. This was widely recognized and became the people’s haircut back then. Well, it still continues to have its hype around and we couldn’t resist but cherish the haircut for ages to come.

10. Faded cut

faded hairstyle

The faded hairstyle is a contemporary haircut that has become a go-to for men and rarely for women.

A faded haircut is an easiest and casual haircut. In this, the hair is trimmed off to fade along with the skin and few strands of hair in the middle are let loose to grow to some length. 

9. Mussed up pixie

mussed up pixie hair

This hairstyle features short hair that is cut close to the head, with choppy layers and a tousled finish.

A mussed-up pixie cut is a messy hair cut. It is somewhat similar to a cropped hair cut with hair let loose with bangs. A hair colouring of your choice would go along well with the mussed-up pixie cut. You can see Scarlett Johansson flaunting this haircut at best. 

8. The Rachel cut 

the rachel haircut

The Rachel haircut was made famous by Jennifer Aniston’s character on the hit TV show Friends in the 90s.

Rachel cut is one kind of a cut which is short comfy and looks graceful as well. This was a famous cut which Jenifer Aniston flaunted in her popular show ‘friends’. It is a widely crushed upon and celebrated hairstyle that many were wooed by in the ’90s and is still in the trend.

7. Shag

shag hairstyle

The shag haircut is a versatile style that gives perfect messy and chic look.

The shag haircut is a very mushy and messy haircut that gives a modish look on anyone. The shag haircut ends with mushy hair till the shoulders and with short bangs in the front. It looks good on any face cut and gives a modest look. 

6. Layered cut

layered haircut

Layered haircuts have been a go-to style for decades as it is low-maintenance, trendy all the time.

The short hair layered cut is just a cross-version of the classic bob cut where the hair is layered to different lengths and allowed to tampered down. This is a simple and chic hair cut. 

5. Tousled hair cut

tousled hair cut

Tousled hair cut is a trendy and low-maintenance hairstyle for all young people.

A tousled hair is a windblown casual hair cut. The tousled hair cut is projected with sharp layers with the ends of the layers slightly thinned. A tousled haircut is a dashing haircut any women can carry. 

4. Low curls

low curls hairstyle

The low curls hairstyle is a classic look that spice up everyday.

These low curls let the hair drop down till the shoulder length with wavy curls at the end. The soft curls will look sassy and give a dapper look on any woman. 

3. Undercut

undercut hairstyle

Undercut hairstyle is a look with shaved or closely-cropped sides and longer hair on top.

Undercuts are popular unisex haircut with little to nothing hair in the sides of the head, and the middle portion of the hair is held up high predominantly. This is one nerving hair cut to do. 

2. Short wedge haircut

short wedge haircut

Women with straight hair would look great in this retro-inspired hairstyle.

This a retro-styled haircut that would suit women with straight hair. This gives a voluminous look on the backside of the hair. This is a contemporary haircut that would suit anyone and would look good on older women as well. 

1. Side-swept


The side-swept hairstyle is a simple yet stylish look that’s easy to achieve and trendy too.

In the side-swept, the hairline of the hair is taken on the left or right corner, and the central portion of hair is pushed to the opposite side and cut down to minimal level. A side-swept hair cut can be paired with bright colouring to get a hippie look.

Wrapping Up 

Short hair suits most of the population and preferable too as it is low-maintenance, easy to style and trendy all the time. All the 15 short hairstyles or short haircut would give a bold and elegant look. Hairstyle gives a separate confident to look forward and deal things.  

Let us know which hairstyle you are excited to try as we know anything will look classy on you.