Hair Smoothening Treatment: What You Need To Know?

hair smoothening treatment

Everybody wants polished, smooth and shiny hair. Who doesn’t? Few innately have well-groomed hair as a part of their genes. Many others don’t have the privilege of inheriting the same. Well, those who don’t have the natural mane, do have an option of dropping at the saloon to do the same. 

With the high rate of pollution in the air, stress that we prevail and lack of time to care for our hair, hair damage is something that most women face. This damage to the hair has left many women with lifeless hair with no texture. 

One thing that most women come up with to the saloon is hair grooming. Hair smoothening treatment is popularly sought after nowadays. hair straightening was the most popular hair grooming service that was opted out by women once. Later, better and good alternatives started to come up. 

If you plan to reach out to a parlour for hair Smoothening, you need to know the following. 

What is hair smoothening?

Hair smoothening is a chemical procedure where your hair is drenched in certain solutions to change your hair’s texture and chemical bond. 

Initially, hair is washed and conditioned. Then the hairstylist applies the straightening cream and leaves it for 20-30 minutes

Then, the cream is washed off, and your hair is blow-dried. Then the stylist straightens the hair at a high temperature to smoothen out the hair.

Later, a cream is applied to the hair to sustain smoothening effects for a long time. 

It is restructuring the hair by altering the bonds using strong chemicals and high temperatures. 

Your hair will look extremely silky and shiny right after the procedure. 

How does it differ from hair straightening?

Smoothening gives your hair a natural and soft look whereas straightening can make your hair look a little stiff with pointed tips. 

Hair straightening can be nevertheless done using an ironer by yourself at home as well. Whereas hair smoothening can makes use of considerable elements to make your hair softer and silkier. 

Hair straightening done at the parlours uses chemicals like sodium hydroxide, which can cause higher hair breakage. 

Hair straightening involves usage of more strong chemicals in comparison to those used in hair smoothening. This can cause pertinent damage to your hair more than the hair smoothening process does.

Is hair smoothening harmful?

To be honest, hair smoothening is not a completely non-harmful method as it involves the usage of harmful chemicals. 

So, doing a hair smoothening treatment does come with an added disadvantage of taking the time and maintaining your hair properly

If you maintain your hair properly, then you need not worry about the harmful effect of the hair smoothening process. 

Also undergoing hair smoothening process at a good and reputable saloon can reduce the risk of damaging your hair. 

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How do you maintain your hair after undergoing hair smoothening?

  • Right after the hair smoothening procedure is done, make sure that you do not wet your hair for three days. 
  • After undergoing the hair smoothening procedure ensure that you use the sulphate free shampoo to avoid damage to the hair. 
  • Wash your hair only after three days of undergoing the Hair smoothening procedure.
  • Neatly wash your hair from time to time and do not forget to condition it. 
  • Make sure that you do not oil your hair for 12 days after you have undergone the smoothening procedure. 
  • Do not plait your hair and be gentle with your hair when you comb and dress your hair. 
  • Avoid using excessive hairstyling products as your hair is already set and conditioned with heavy chemicals, and doing so might cause adverse effects and damage to your hair. 

How often can you smoothen your hair?

Although it is less harmful than hair strengthening or any other hair treatment, there are certain chemicals involved, and you need to make sure not to beat your hair with chemicals too often. 

Hitting the parlour for hair smoothening twice a year is the safe limit and make sure you don’t do it more than twice a year. 

After smoothening your hair, the hair texture can stay intact until your hair starts to grow or nearly after 5 to 6 months of carrying out hair smoothening. So if you are planning to smoothen your hair know that it will change your hair type completely and you might miss your old hair a little bit. Nevertheless, if you love silky and smoothened hair, you would love to maintain it.