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Toni & Guy offers the best grooming services for men. From good haircuts to attractive beard trims, we’ve got you all covered. We are one of the finest beard styling salons nearby.

We have a dedicated grooming lounge for men. Book an appointment to know more.


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Do hair salons do beards?

Yes, many hair salons offer beard grooming services.

How much should a beard trim cost?

Beard trimming services vary from salon to salon and from stylist to stylist. The length and the thickness of the beard also defines the cost of the service. 

How do I shape my beard?

You can shape your beard at home with a regular razor. But you will not be using any professional or quality results. Going to a salon is one of the best ways to get your beard properly shaped.

How long should you let your beard grow before trimming it?

Your beard should be long enough for the stylist to be able to trim. A clean shaved safe cannot be trimmed for beard.

Should I straighten my beard before trimming?

It is not necessary that one has to straighten the beard before trimming it.

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