How To Choose a Perfect Haircut for Your Face – For women

No matter how hard we try convincing ourselves, girls do consider their beautiful hair, their pride. Every time we go to a salon, we end up getting confused about what hairstyle to choose. This is bad especially for people with rough and dull hair. We often see celebrities flaunting their pretty hairstyles. A new hairstyle for a new red carpet. Of course, they have their stylists and their make-up artists to suggest them the right thing to do. Well, hiring a personal hairdresser can be impossible for a normal person to get along with their daily routine, but well that shouldn’t stop you from looking pretty either. So, here we are with the right guide to choosing the right haircut that suits you. Excited to know? Dive right in!

Often, a woman is complemented by the way she looks. What defines this is a clean and good profile. A profile is defined as the shape of your face. Yes, you might often have heard people say that ‘my left profile is good’’, or ‘’hey! My right profile is good’’. When people say this, they refer to the proper side of their face that might make them look prettier. A haircut is more than just chopping off your hair strands. It has to be done to uplift your profile. A right haircut is the one that suits your face and your personality. A good salon or a good hairstylist will suggest a haircut for you after analyzing the shape of your face. Let us get to understand and break the glass to make things simpler:


A woman’s face is generally categorized into these types – a heart-shaped face, an oval face, square face, round face and long face. Before jumping to the type of haircut you should choose, let us first understand the trick behind finding the perfect hair parting for your face. It is often confusing because your hair hardly listens to what you say! Women are generally comfortable with one parting style that they would have been having for a long time now. Changing it would be challenging as it is against the usual look. But doing it right can fetch you tons of compliments. 

Round faces generally look good with the centre parting as it symmetrically divides your face and this makes you look presentable. Heart-shaped faces are good with a deep side part. These people have a nicely curated shape and a deep side part compliments it perfectly by toning their forehead to just the right cut covering it with bangs or the long strands. Oval-shaped faces are the most comfortable ones as they can get along with any parting. A straight, middle or even a deep side goes well for their face shape. Square-face can generally go with a side part. Now that you are familiar with the parting styles, let us understand the various haircuts that suit different face cuts.

ROUND FACE – You can go for a hairstyle that will add height to your hair rather than the volume. If you have long hair, opt for layers starting from the shoulders. Longer strands lengthen a round face. You can also try the side bangs. But make sure the bangs are not too short. It has to go with the length of other hair strands to give the elongated look. A middle parting compliments the best as it leaves down long equidistant strands of hair on either side. Long straight, sleek hair works best, or you can also play around with long wavy hair with a middle parting. To spice things up you can go with heavy full waves or a textured pixie cut. The trick is to make your face look sleek. So got for loose curls rather than a big chunk of volumes which will only make your face look more plumpy.

HEART-SHAPED FACE – Heart-shaped face is wider on the top and is narrow at the bottom. Most people try to adjust the wider space to get the right proportion of the face. You can go for side bangs. Short bangs compliment the shape and cover the forehead on the side or front depending on the direction of the bangs. A bouncy bob with curls at the end is also a good option. 

OVAL FACE – Oval-shaped face is the most blessed one! Why is that, you’d ask? Well, they have one of the clearest profiles. The spacious forehead gives them an option to explore with various bangs. The front bangs being the classics of all! Shoulder length waves, fringes, and layered bob also compliments such faces. To style smart and chic, go for a side-swept-pixie cut. Never forget to consider beach waves, especially longer ones if you have long hair.

SQUARE-FACE – Square faces have a distinctive jawline which sometimes they feel might hinder their complete ‘perfect-look’. Worry not, there’s a trick to this. Layered bangs and textured hair will help subtly cover the strong jawline that shows off prominently on your face. Long bangs are the best option to go with. Sweep it to a side such that it covers your forehead. Front symmetrical fringes give out the best. If you want to make it short, take an extreme side partition and cut long fringes; keep the other side super-short as close as to a bob. This will compliment your square-shaped face perfectly.

LONG FACE – Oblong faces can try the most flattery hairstyles. They have the best features that enable them to create stunning looks. Parted long-waves are a good option. Long-side bangs, jagged bangs, side-parted bob and full tousled layers are also good to choose from.

Every person has a good side of their face that offers them a pretty profile. Sometimes, all we need is just a small tweak to set the face to make it look prettier. A haircut defines one’s look. It can make a person, smart, cute or beautiful. It all depends on what type you choose. A good hairstylist suggests the right haircut only after considering a couple of options. Also, it is a part of our body that will always grow back! So what are you waiting for? Go to a salmon and experiment today. After all, we all need that one chic look and it is not possible without trying out multiple options!

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