All About Keratin Treatment – Untold Facts

Keratin treatment has been one of the innovative hair care treatments in the modern world. Originating from Brazil, professional hair keratin treatment has gained extreme popularity due to its fabulous styling results that were not possible before. Keratin treatment service providers help you to make your hair glossy, smooth, and easy to manage for months together. It is important that you approach the best salon for keratin treatment.

Professional Hair Keratin Treatment- The Fundamentals

Keratin treatment is a cosmetic or beauty therapy that is used for straightening and smoothening hair. Also known as Brazilian Keratin treatment or Brazilian blowout, this beauty product helps to remove hair frizz and improve hair’s color and luster, while making it healthier. Today, there are the best salons for a keratin treatment that warrant shiny, healthy hair.

A professional hair keratin treatment is the chemical process that smoothens and shines frizzy hair. There are different versions provided by Keratin treatment services. The best salon for keratin treatment would be able to customize a combination of the right formula that suits each individual’s specific needs. 

How Does Professional Hair Keratin Treatment Work?

Some of the versions of this treatment are said to release formaldehyde, while several new versions are claimed to be formaldehyde-free. The effects of professional hair keratin treatment may last up to six months. 

Regardless of formaldehyde content, basically, keratin treatment involves probing the hair follicles and injecting the porous areas therein with keratin, which is an essential hair protein. This makes hair healthier and glowing. Our hair naturally consists of keratin and keratin-associated proteins. These act as the internal structural protein and external protective protein to protect hair while keeping them healthy. 

Keratin Treatment Service Provided at Salons

The length of professional hair keratin treatment depends on the formula used by the Keratin treatment service, and factors such as the texture of your hair and the quantity of hair. Any best salon for keratin treatment would take between two and four hours for the complete treatment. 

Your hairstylist first washes your hair and then applies keratin treatment to the wet hair. After letting the formula saturate every strand for some time, your hairstylist will blow-dry your hair. Finally, the treatment is applied. 

About The Safety of Professional Hair Keratin Treatment

A chemical named Formaldehyde is used to keep the hair straight and frizz-free for months together. Formaldehyde is defined as the colorless, strong-smelling gas by the center for disease control and prevention (CDC). Reputable and best salons for keratin treatment will invariably use formaldehyde alternatives or a very safe percentage of this chemical.

Keratin treatments are temporary in nature, and they wash out after a few months. The straightening chemical relaxers used in the treatment have a permanent effect. They keep the hair straight permanently. 

It is suggested to avoid using Formaldehyde, which is a carcinogen. It is far better to go in for formaldehyde-free treatments that are highly effective as well as long-lasting. These are considerably safer too. 

The Result of Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin treatment service ensures silky hair that fades out gradually after 4 to 6 months. The ingredient of this treatment, keratin, is basically a strong deep conditioner. The results of this treatment will vary from person to person. The general idea of this treatment is to rebuild the damaged parts of the hair and make it healthier. The effects of this treatment will be different for everyone. 

Keratin helps to solve multiple hair problems with one solution. In addition to smoothening your hair, it also repairs the damage caused to your hair by pollution, the environment, and certain types of hair products. This treatment makes one stand out with shining, smooth hair. 

The Procedure Followed In Professional Hair Keratin Treatment

The Keratin treatment service offered at a reputed salon will last for about three to four hours. Starting with a hair wash using shampoo, the hairstylist will blow-dry the hair and remove all the moisture. Then keratin treatment is applied and the hair is left to set. Another round of blow-drying followed by a flat iron helps to seal in the solution, and the treatment is over.

Myths and Facts About Keratin Treatment Service

Do You Require Professional Hair Keratin Treatment?

You may visit the best salon for keratin treatment for getting a glowing, silky hair. You may take up keratin hair treatment when you experience the following:


Professional hair keratin treatment helps to rebuild your hair by injecting hair proteins into your strands. The hair damage caused by various factors can be successfully treated with keratin treatment offered by the best salon for keratin treatment. The treatment protects your hair, eliminates frizz, and reduces blow-drying time. 


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